East Cleveland Young Leaders

The next generation of leaders

The Young Leader Scheme is one of the exciting elements of the Scouting Programme. It encourages youth members aged between 14 and 17 to support a younger section while developing their own skills.

A Young Leader can be someone who is already an Explorer Scout who is interested in starting their journey towards become in Leader or it could be a young person outside of Explorers who is working towards the voluntary element of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


Young Leaders are supported by a training scheme and validation system. Overall there are 11 Modules (Theory Training) and four Missions (Validation). Within three months of starting with a Section, Young Leaders need to complete “Mission A” which covers all the fundamentals, such as POR, scouting methods and understanding the role.

As Young Leaders become more involved in running the section, including running programme activities, they will meet with their local Explorer Scout Leader who will validate their learning accomplishments. When all the Modules and Missions have been completed, Young Leaders will receive a Young Leader Belt to recognise their achievement.


As well as helping other sections across the District, East Cleveland Young Leaders also meet every other Thursday between 7 and 9pm at 3rd Guisborough's Scout Hut, Belmangate, Guisborough, TS14 7AB.